Senior Care & Retirement

Senior care and retirement is an ever present issue and a rapidly growing consumer marketing option. For example, the baby boomer generation has caused an influx of individuals who are in need of senior care and were looking for senior retirement. This means that senior retirement has had to make some adjustments and changes. These changes have caused consumer marketing changes. 13 below offers consumer marketing for the modern senior care and retirement groups. Not only do we have experienced a senior care retirement, we also had experience and how the face of senior care and retirement has changed and how to meet your consumer marketing needs. You're just a few aspects of senior care and retirement that are consumer marketing group can assist with.

Assisted Living

If your company is in assisted-living company or community that is trying to build not only a name for themselves, but also build their resident less than we are consumer marketing team can help. We have a vast knowledge and experience with assisted-living communities, placing communities and finding the right type of community for an individual. This means that your business can reach the right seniors and reach the seniors who are looking for your particular community style. In other words, you will receive consumer marketing specifically for your assisted-living community rather than a blanket community that may or may not offer seniors what you would like to present.

Long Term Care Communities

Long-term care communities are another aspect of senior care and retirement that is changing rapidly. We have experienced consumer marketers to deal specifically with long-term care communities and the changing face of those care communities. Not only do are consumer marketers understand the needs of individuals with long-term care options, but they also understand the needs of the community and what the communities provide. This means that our consumer marketing program for long-term care communities focuses directly on the needs of both to bring together a consumer marketing plan that works not only for reaching new residents but also for growth within the long-term care community.

Senior Retirement Niche Communities

A new development senior retirement are senior retirement niche communities. These communities revolve around everything from artistic communities to literature communities to community specifically for military veterans. These types of communities need to reach a specific type of consumer. With that in mind, we have experienced consumer marketers who can reach those specific niche communities to bring together with the senior retirement community and market to the consumers that you are trying to reach.