Funeral consumer marketing is an ever-changing and growing field with and the consumer marketing genre. Those individuals who are professional funeral planners, funeral service providers or who have other businesses and services within the funeral planning genre will utilize consumer marketing in order to reach clients. There are several types of consumer marketing options available to the funeral service industry.

Complete Package Marketing

With financial difficulties and economic troubles coupled with the high cost of health care, many individuals find that complete packages are more appealing. For this reason, consumer marketing has developed several options in the funeral industry for complete package marketing. Complete package marketing within the funeral industry consists of not only the basic funeral planning needs such as a coffin, but also the burial plots, headstones, markers and any other aspects that would go into the funeral planning. The concept behind this form of consumer marketing is to offer clients everything they need and to pay one lump sum for those needs.

Age-based Consumer Marketing

A space consumer marketing is not a new concept within funeral consumer marketing. It is however a concept that is ever-changing. Baby Boomers have brought on many changes within senior living and those changes have advanced to the consumer marketing arena for funeral planning. One of the main changes is that's consumer marketers within funeral planning are beginning to understand the need to not only think of the senior consumer but also think of the children of those consumers were in their mid 30s to mid 40s. This age group is vital in order to not only secure the sale for the senior but to also secure future sales for the family.

Generational Funeral Consumer Marketing

Extending the funeral planning options and the consumer marketing to various generations within a family is a key way for businesses to stay on top of the funeral planning genre. Though it should be considered successful for a company to be able to market to the senior consumers and make the sale, making the sale for future generations is simple longevity. Consumer marketing to the loved ones and securing the sale for proper marketing techniques and compassion is one of the key ways for funeral consumer marketing to remain a growing industry.