Why evoking emotion in your audience is the most important aspect of your content

When it comes to writing, evoking the emotions of your readers is a critical aspect of inspiring them to act--whether you want them to buy something, sign a petition, or simply listen to what you have to say. Without emotion, writing lacks connection, inspiration, and depth. Here's what I mean:

Without emotion, there is no connection.

Deep, meaningful relationships have always been an important aspect of our social lives as human beings. Thus, when writing an article, blog post, or anything of the sort, it is vital to make the reader feel comfortable, as though talking to a friend. Furthermore, our culture has grown to crave the authentic and reject that which is not--meaning it is also vital to be honest, so as to gain the reader's trust. For instance, when relaying a personal story to a reader, it may be tempting to cast ourselves as being a better person than we truly are. But the reader is fully aware no one is perfect, and will surely question the authenticity of your word. By incorporating genuine stories, experiences, and thoughts, you will be able to emotionally involve your reader, making them feel personally connected to you and what you have to say--an experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Without emotion, there is no inspiration.

Without emotion, your readers will not be inspired to act. For instance, if you want them to buy something, you must make them feel a need for the product. If you want them to sign a petition, you must make them feel impassioned about the issue. If you want them to listen to what you have to say, you must make them care. In order to make anyone, anywhere, act, your words must have an affect on their emotions--you must make them feel.

Of course, articles should contain a sound balance of emotion and logic. If you're writing an article over a subject concerning an emotional issue, present your readers with thoroughly researched statistics as well. If you present a topic from only an emotional perspective, readers will not be convinced; and if you present a topic using only dry facts, readers will not be inspired.

Remembering these points will help keep your readers coming back for more. After all, people want to be inspired; they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Writers have the power to give them that opportunity. By connecting your readers to you through your authenticity, and providing them with inspiring material and solid research, your audience will begin to grow, and your voice will be heard.

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