3 Premium Content Discovery Networks To Turbo Charge Your Content Marketing

What is Outbrain?

Outbrain is likely one of the largest players in this space-- if you’re a digital native you’ve likely seen their ads at the bottom of many blogs and news sites you frequent (CNN, US, etc.) They do an incredible amount of monthly impressions and watching them the last couple years has been nothing short of incredible, their growth rate has been massive.

How should I use Outbrain?

There are really two ways to use Outbrain effectively-- one is to give near viral content a boost and try to push it over that tipping point into a true viral hit. The other is sales letter/content heavy squeeze pages which drive the user to take a single and specific action: buy a product, fill out a form, etc.


What is Taboola?

Taboola is another company operating in the content discovery space with more of a mix media approach (text, images, video, etc) than Outbrain. They have around 1 million pieces of content in their network which get distributed to 350mm unique monthly users (that’s about the population of the US for context). Their target and approach seemed to be a little more international and entertainment focused than Outbrain (BBC, TheExaminer, TMZ, BusinessInsider are a few of the publisher relationships they tout)

How should I use Taboola?

Videos. I think the real play and what makes Taboola potentially interesting is getting your video content infront of new eyes. Again, when you are paying a premium for people to view your content the single most important thing we can mention is that you need to make sure you are only showing your best and most popular content. Tailored Videos. Take a look over Taboola’s publishers and tailor content specifically to their demographics-- retrofit your content to work on their network.


What is Gravity?

Gravity is perhaps one of the few things AOL has purchased in recent times that wasn’t a complete and utter waste of money. Gravity cookies users and creates a digital footprint around their content interests and then tailors the content recommendations to those interests.

How Do I Use Gravity

There are two ways to use gravity as an advertiser and one really only applies to larger brands their Sponsored Stories. This is an awareness campaign tool and uses Gravity to find users that fit a demographic that should be interested in your products and then puts your sponsored story infront of them. The second way to use them (and the way I suspect more of our readers would use) are their Sponsored Stories. Again you really have two options in sponsored stories—sponsored stories for audience growth and sponsored stories for performance marketing. We’ll focus on the first, sponsored stories put your stories infront of new potential readers and gives you a chance to try and turn those one time visitors into actively engaged users.

Which Should I Use?

I would consider doing a small buy on all three channels—optimize and track to see which gives you the better ROI, cut off the one with the worst ROI and then spend another month tweaking the other two campaigns. If neither stands out and you’re happy with the performance stick with both. Which ones have you tried? What were your experiences?

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