12 Different Ways to Increase Your Chances of Your Blog Post Going Viral

It can be very difficult to make your post go viral, especially if you are choosing to use only a few different ways of doing it. However, there is no secret as to how you can make your blog post instantly go viral. Instead, you have to be tactical in your approach as you will want to use all of the following ways to increase your chances of making your blog posts go viral. Although you do not need to use all 12 of these ideas, it is important to experiment and consider the various ways that you may end up creating a viral blog post.

1. Create great content: The easiest way to make sure that your blog goes viral is to provide high-quality content that people care about reading because it will more likely be shared with others.

2. Think about changing someone's life: Great online content is that which can make the lives of people easier, simpler, or feel better.

3. Use keyword optimization: You can use a Google keyword tool to determine which keywords should be used to make your blog easy to find. Also, the keywords will be important for ensuring that you have the most popular item in the results of a Google search.

4. Add pictures to your posts: Adding pictures to the key items in your blog post can give it more value and more weight to readers.

5. Re-read your posts: One of the easiest ways to lose readers is to have errors and spelling mistakes in your blog post, so make sure to re-read your posts.

6. Submit your post to Digg: This website will ensure that your post is shared with other interesting and "most-talked-about" stories. As a news aggregator, your post can go viral as long as it is relevant to what is being discussed by the online community.

7. Submit your post to Reddit: This user-generated news aggregator is the most unique application of its kind. If you are able to get posted on Reddit, you can rest assured that your blog post will likely reach the mobile phones of users everywhere.

8. Post on niche forums: One simple way to get your blog posts recognized is to market to specific niche markets that you know will find your blog posts useful or helpful. By searching for niche-specific forums, you know that you will be able to reach a specific and targeted audience.

9. Use Twitter to boost your blog: Although this option may be obvious, you do not want to overlook the importance of Twitter as a way to gain exposure. If you have many followers on your Twitter page, you can use your account to promote your blog and help it go viral.

10. Use Facebook to promote your blog: Similar to Twitter, you will want to use your Facebook account to promote your blog. Whether you have a strong following or not, you can use hashtags and other types of markers to ensure that various audiences are able to read your blog posts.

11. Post to Google Plus: As a "one-stop" shop for Google users, including Gmail and Youtube, you will be able to promote your business for free. Using your personal Google account, you can share your blog post with everyone in your Google Plus circles.

12. Post to Pinterest: This is one of the most popular visual discovery tools on the market today. If your posts include pictures, you will not want to miss the opportunity to post your blog and photos on Pinterest.

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