3 Reasons Article Marketing Might Just Be a Waste of Your Time & Effort

If you are unfamiliar with the term "article marketing," it refers to using a particular strategy of free online marketing for the purpose of gaining more visitors and publishing your articles to article directories. It was not so long ago that this term was used regularly to describe effective methods of getting more exposure online; however, article marketing is no longer proving as useful as it once was. Nowadays, search engines such as Google and Bing are becoming highly functional, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to trick these search engines into posting your articles at the top of searches.

The Same Piece Can Be Found Over and Over Again

Article directories are recognized for being sources of low-quality Web content. This is due to the fact that articles will be published on a specific topic, but they will be rewritten many times to ensure that it can be presented on a variety of platforms. Generally, these articles are different enough that they can be posted on various article directories, such as Ezine, Hubpages, or Ehow. However, most of these articles will not prove useful for visitors because the goal of producing so many similar articles is to increase the number of backlinks to the owner's website. Unfortunately for the article owners, readers will quickly catch on to this pattern and choose to skip over the articles that look similar to those found on the other article directories.

You Will Not Benefit From Circulation

Although article directories are free sources of content, they have an increasingly bad reputation due to the fact that articles continue to be reused and recycled. Although your articles may be published on a variety of platforms, you will not receive many benefits from the circulation that you get. Since the articles can be found online in numerous forms, you will likely lose your ability to track the articles and benefit from any ownership of the articles. In fact, the more your article appears online on random websites, the less likely you will be accredited for the content you have produced and the less valuable your content will appear.

Your Articles Will Be Filtered Out

Nowadays, search engines are finding more ways to filter out articles that will not be useful for readers. For instance, Google will use algorithms, such as Panda and Penguin, to find and remove low-quality articles from search results. At the same time, these algorithms will be used to detect articles that have been duplicated so that the search engine is able to ignore them when producing useful search results. As a result, using article marketing can increase the likelihood that search engines like Google will filter out your articles so that they are not even seen by the online community. This will not only result in less backlinks to your website, but it will make your SEO efforts feel as though they were a waste of time and effort.

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