5 Helpful Lessons Taken From Today's Top Content Marketing Blogs

Always Consider Timing

Although you may think that mainstream is too overdone, it will never be the case because the online community loves mainstream content. For instance, mainstream content can be presented in the form of breaking news, and it will get more traffic if people are searching the mainstream topics that you are covering in your blogs. One of the easiest ways to find mainstream news and content is to use websites such as Google Trends. By using this website, you will be able to access a list of all the most trending and "hot" topics. Once you know what is being searched by users, you will be able to better cater your content to ensure you get the traffic that you want.

Consider Quantity Over Quality

Some traditionalist may argue that quality always matters more than quantity, but the opposite seems to be proving true for some of the most popular content blogs online today. This is because quality is still considered, but organizations are setting out quantity goals so that there is always content for their readers. In fact, Google Analytics has shown that some of the most popular blogs are those that produce the most content, regardless of the quality of what is being written. This can be attributed to the fact that frequently published content will have greater chances of hitting traffic spikes, which can help with the blog's overall growth rate of traffic.

Focus on Networking

Some blog owners do not see the connection between the popularity of their blogs and their social networks. However, most successful blogs are supported by an existing network that has been established by their owners. For instance, blog owners with a large network of contacts can request for their connections to tweet content, share it on Facebook, or post it on other related blogs. Thus, these owners can leverage their connections to increase the traffic to their blogs. In fact, the easiest way to create a popular blog is to work on your networking and influence the people you know to generate traffic for your blog.

Think About Hiring Influential Writers

If you are interested in getting your blog noticed by the online community, you will want to consider hiring writers who have a strong online presence and influence. In fact, the more writers you have, the better your chances will be of creating content that is relevant to a wide range of audiences. More importantly, there is little chance that one person can write multiple high-quality blogs on a regular basis. Thus, you will want to consider hiring not only more writers, but you will want to think about who is the most influential in your market or field of expertise. Even by hiring one influential blog writer, you can significantly increase traffic for your blog.

Keep Track and Follow the Numbers

Most blog owners are using data to figure out how they can generate more traffic. Whether it involves analyzing statistics or keeping track of every person who visits the blog, there is some form of measurement that can be used to track the progress of a blog. In most cases, blog owners will analyze average daily traffic, the number of comments or threads, and how many social shares are taking place per blog. Using these numbers, you can determine what types of content is being shared and which writers are producing the highest-quality and most popular content for your blogs.

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