Five Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Might Be Failing

Five Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Might Be Failing

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), only about 33 percent of marketing efforts are successful in terms of efficacy in reaching the desired target audience. This means approximately 67 percent of marketing efforts using web content are not successful in reaching out to the online community. That said, it is important to understand why your content marketing might be failing. For the purpose of this article, the following possible reasons for failing marketing efforts will be discussed.

Your Content is Self-Centered

One of the easiest mistakes that you can make online is focusing all of your web content on you, your business, and your business goals. Often times, this is because businesses forget that customers do not care about the business and its problems. Instead, customers care about what your business can do for them and how you can help them solve their problems using your particular product or service..

Your Fear of Failing is Obvious

If you are too generic with your web content, it is evident that to customers that you are too afraid to take some risks or experiment with the type of web content that you wish to share. However, taking chances by being interesting or innovative in your approach can make the difference that gets you the readership that you need and set you apart from your competition.

Your Standards Are Too Low

If you wish to get recognized as the best in your particular field or industry, you will need to put out web content that illustrates how you are different from your competition. Thus, your content marketing needs to reflect that you are the most trusted expert in your field and have the facts to support this claim. Without well-researched web content, customers will not see that you have set a high standard for your business.

Your Sources Are Not Referenced Correctly

It is evident that your information will come from somewhere, even if you perform the studies and research internally. Thus, you will need to correctly source where all of your information is coming from, which includes recognizing the work that is done by your employees. At the same time, the information that you receive or gather from journalists, writers, or agencies also needs to be sourced in the same way. Essentially, you should always give credit where credit is due.

Calls to Action Are Missing

Every piece that you share online should include a call to action. Without this, customers are not always sure about how to take or use the information you have provided for them. Instead of letting them figure out what they should do next, you need to identify how customers can use your information to help them solve or address a particular problem/question. Thus, you need to demonstrate how the information you are providing is useful, and it needs to be done in a clear way through a simple call to action.

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