Five Reasons Why Your Content is Not Being Shared on Social Media

One of the most important steps of maintaining your online presence involves evaluating the performance of your content that is being shared on the various social media networks you have chosen. Although most companies and/or organizations are using analytic reports to determine whether their social media efforts are working, there are some obvious ways to see that your content is simply not being shared by your customers, followers, or visitors online. The following article will outline some of the main problems that businesses are facing when it comes to getting customers to share their content on social media networks.

Weak Titles

Although it has likely been said to you hundreds of times in the past, a title needs to grab the attention of the readers online. Especially in the case where readers do not know or recognize your online presence, your titles need to be catchy, creative, unique, and interesting for readers. More importantly, your readers must go through your content before sharing it so that they have a reason to share the information you have provided.

Poor Descriptions

The descriptions posted on your website should be as detailed, well-thought, and carefully written as the main content on your page. Moreover, some people will want to share the descriptions of your content so that they can get others to visit your site for the full story. Without well-written and/or interesting descriptions, your readers are limited and taxed with the task of picking out the important information from your articles that is worth sharing. In most cases, readers will not go to the extent of doing this work in order to share a simple post.

Missing Images

Nowadays, it is rare to find content that does not include some type of image to help illustrate the point that is being made in a particular piece or article. More importantly, online readers are flipping through websites so quickly that an eye-catching image can be the only reason they stop to read an article. Thus, you may be slightly missing your target audience due to the lack of images on your website.

No Human Connection

Often times, readers will share an article, description, or short post because it has reached them in some emotional way. Whether it has made them laugh, feel happy, or get angry about a particular topic, it is more likely that this emotion-inspiring content will be shared with others. This human connection is needed for readers online who want to be recognized as people and not simply as numbers that are counted by the traffic tracker on your website.

Missing Buttons for Sharing Content

One of the easiest way to ensure that your content is shared is by providing the means for readers to do so. Although it seems obvious, there are many websites that do not have a social media sharing button for readers. As a result, the readers are forced to find other means of sharing your content. More often than not, however, these readers will move onto other websites that make it easy for them to share content with others online.

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