Four Content Marketing Predictions Made for 2014

According to the Content Marketing Institute and the Marketing Profs of North America, there were certain predictions that were made in 2013 regarding changes in usage of SEO, social media, and content management strategies. By analyzing over 1,000 organization in North America over the last year, it can be seen that many of these predictions were accurate and came true to some extent, if not completely, before the start of 2014 could arrive. Thus, this article will take a look at some of the major content marketing predictions from 2013 that have come true earlier than expected.

Social Media Will Become the Top Distribution Channel

The use of social media has seen an enormous rise over the last year in terms of usage and efficacy in reaching the online public. Despite this evident change, many businesses are still in the process of learning how important social media is to successful content marketing. With that said, more business than ever are investing money into blogging, online newsletters, and other types of social media initiatives. Instead of having a marketing team handle social media. more businesses are now hiring social media experts and trained social media specialist to handle the responsibility of updating web content and sharing useful information with the online public.

Brands Will Use Multiple Platforms to Market Content

With more than 50 percent of the population using multiple devices to access the Internet, more businesses in North America have caught on to this trend and used it to their advantage. Nowadays, more than a third of the traffic that is seen by businesses is online using their mobile-friendly websites and/or applications. Although not all businesses are incorporating applications into their business strategies, it is becoming more common for American businesses to create a mobile-friendly webpage. Thus, providing access to mobile users has been key in the success of brands that wished to see an increase in traffic and sales generated by non-conventional platforms.

SEO and Social Media Will Come Together

Before social media took the online world by storm, links were the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to recognize the efficacy of your outreach efforts and evaluate the value of your content. Even though this may stand to be true still, your web content can be better and more accurately measured by evaluating whether it is being shared by members of the online community. In fact, the more that your information is shared, the more value it is seen to hold in influencing purchasing decisions. Moreover, some businesses consider social shares to represent a type of public approval or indication of trust from visitors to their pages. Nonetheless, links are still important in determining whether a business is getting enough online traffic, but social media is helping to speed up this evaluation process.

Hummingbird Will Emphasize Conversational Content

Hummingbird is an interesting concept that was not well-received when its release was first announced. However, its usage and efficacy can be seen through the search trends of users since the start of 2014. Since Hummingbird was meant to help Google understand the long questions and inquires of online users, it has become especially useful with the rise of conversational content which has been inspired by the content put out through social media. Simple put, Hummingbird makes it easier for Google to understand conversational content and distinguish the relationship between words that have been used in a search. As a result of Hummingbird, more SEO efforts are focusing on finding full pieces of information that relate to the lengthy and simple-word searches entered into Google.

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