What is Content Marketing?
In today's age of technology, traditional marketing is no longer as effective as it once was. For this reason, it is important for businesses to understand the concept of content marketing. "Content marketing" is the general term used to describe a specific marketing technique that involves creating, sharing, and distributing useful web content to a clearly defined target audience. With the objective of developing profitable and promising business relationships with the public, content marketing is meant to be used to provide valuable and relevant information to the target audience on a consistent basis. Through this marketing technique, businesses are able to attract new customers and business partnerships, while maintaining present and past relationships with existing customers.

Why is Useful Content So Important?

Nowadays, useful content is the way to drive sales and open doors for your business in terms of new audiences and opportunities to make a profit. Instead of pitching a traditional sales or marketing pitch to a specific target audience, more businesses are using information to attract their customers and make sales. By providing useful and relevant information, the target audience (or customers) are led to believe that the company cares more about helping their customers than selling them a certain product or service. Essentially, useful content is so important for business because it creates the foundation for an exchange between the business and its target audience. Thus, customers will provide their loyalty and business in exchange for valuable and helpful information about certain products and/or services.

What Types of Marketing Tactics Should be Used?

Under the umbrella of content marketing, there are several different types of tactics that you can use to execute your content marketing strategy or plan. Regardless of what tactics that you choose to use to market to your specific target audience, content marketing needs to be involved in the process at all stages. Thus, content marketing should be incorporated into your overall business strategy. In terms of examples, you can use any of the following marketing tactic in order to bring your content marketing strategy to life:
  • Social Media Marketing: You can use social media networks as the medium for getting your marketing message and useful content out to your specific target audience(s).
  • Search Engine Optimization: You will need to ensure that not only are you providing high quality content to your customers, but you also need to ensure that you are visible to your target market. Without SEO, you will have no chance of reaching your target audience(s).
  • Public Relations: In addition to your content marketing strategy, you will want to include PR strategies that help you focus on issues that your audience(s) will care about. PR focuses on managing your reputation and public image, which are equally as important as the content you are posting online.
  • Pay-Per-Click: By using this marketing model, you will be able to track your progress in terms of how often your customers are choosing to purchase your particular products and/or services as a result of the information that you have provided to them.

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