Online Marketing Can Make or Break Your Business

Online marketing is the key to success for many businesses. A good marketing strategy can make or break your business, as word can spread across the Web within minutes. Any company that does not realize the importance of marketing via the Web is not very likely to survive.

Therefore, make sure you are getting these basics right before trying to move into more advanced marketing methods.  

Social Media

It is vital that you understand just how social media works. One of the most powerful internet marketing tools make sure (even if you aren't using it just yet) that you own your name on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other service that rises in popularity such as PInterest. Nearly everyone uses one of these forms of social media, so if you don’t tune in and use one or more of these to spread the word about your service or product, then you are missing out on a massive proportion of the marketplace and your business will suffer.

Join In the Conversations

In case you hadn't realized, a conversation is a two way process. Social media is simply conversations online. So if you don’t join in, you are missing a trick. You can join in by tagging, video blogs, weblogs etc. Get out there and interact with your potential customers.

Don’t wait for an audience to come to you. Go and find them. Do some research and find out exactly where your target audience hangs out. You can then create a Facebook or MySpace account for your service or product. Get your friends and colleagues to “like” and tag your posts.

Multimedia Marketing

With hundreds of millions of video downloads every day, YouTube is a massive marketing opportunity for all companies, big and small. It doesn't matter what you are offering, creating a short video that you can post on YouTube and other video sharing sites will open up a completely new audience. You don’t need to be a technical whiz, just some basic IT knowledge.

Consider creating podcasts and set up news feeds for video content and audio releases. This lets your audience choose to be notified about any new releases.

Monitor and Learn

Don’t just count Web site usage or circulation numbers. Evaluating social media marketing lets you measure how well your business is actually engaging the general public by using social media.

So, you need to look at things like the amount of blog readers that you have. How many comments are posted and if they are by different visitors, not just the same people. Is your product mentioned on people’s blogs? What about your content – is it bookmarked on social bookmarking sites? Things like this are a great indication of how well your online marketing is working.These are just a few of the ways that you can promote your product or service by using online marketing. Sure, the traditional methods such as TV, magazine and newspaper marketing still have a place, but since the advent of the Internet, web marketing has just exploded. Ignore it at your peril.

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