Effective Content Marketing Strategies for 2014
Content marketing has the objective of motivating and driving the customer to take positive action. Ie: to buy a product, make an enquiry with the company or pick up the phone.

For 2014, content marketing is particularly important, as it is the main way that people seem to receive marketing messages. Traditional advertising methods have become much less effective in the past few years. Whilst adverts are still seen regularly on television, we seem to have “tuned out” to their affects, The same goes for adverts in magazines as readers just pick out the content and ignore what they see as the “fluff” of the adverts.

Web and banner advertising on the Internet has suffered a similar fate, as this type of marketing is largely ignored.

Content marketing is the way to get the customers interest and then for the actual content to retain that interest, inspiring them to take action by the end of the article or blog.

So, what are the top content marketing strategies that you will see during 2014?


The content should trigger an emotional response in the reader and thus a reaction. When an emotional reaction is triggered, it leads to:
  • Hook
  • Engage
  • Affect
  • Motivation
  • Retention
Headlines are a great way to get the readers’ attention and tap into emotions and an emotionally charged headline has been proven to encourage and promote online sharing.

Motivate the Audience to Read

Okay, so you have caught the audience’s attention, but now you must persuade them that the content is worth their time and effort of reading. This is done by a logical approach.

It has been proven that if the content is set out in a logical way, using short bursts of information set out in bullet points and numbered lists. As long as these lists are set out in a logical way, then the brain will take in this information without being overwhelmed by it. This allows the reader to assimilate the information without becoming overwhelmed by it.

Use Emotion to Motivate

Using emotion to tap into the human fear of loss is a very effective form of marketing. So, if you can appeal to the audience by talking about how not to lose. This can be done by:
  • Highlighting when something is scarce and there is an urgent need due to restricted timescales
  • Talk about the scarcity of a product. Human nature means that the reader wont want to miss out
  • Describe the risks and the costs
  • Talk about pitfalls and mistakes
  • Use peer pressure and explain why the current customers of the product or service have chosen it


Use Simple Language

If the audience cant understand the meaning of the content, it is of little use. So, stick to simple language.

  • No sentence structures that are too complicated
  • No long words
  • No technical language
  • No technical jargon
  • Use simple sentences

Audience Relationships

If you build a good relationship with your audience, you can then tap into social media, which offers a huge platform for one to one relationships and conversations. It has proven to be one of the strongest strategies for success. Effective content marketing will help to build a strong and effective relationship with your targeted audience and beyond.

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