Average Content Costs

Over the last decade the amount that individuals pay for website content, unique content, articles and blogs has wavered. For a long amount of time, content seekers and website owners were looking for the least expensive way to provide content on their site that met the qualifications of Google as well as other search engines while still bringing in new visitors. The problem with this is many United States and United Kingdom-based companies chose to utilize writers that did not have native English in their background or could not provide quality content. This meant that a content owner or website owner may be paying one dollar per 500 words of content that they now needed to hire a native English editor to fix. In many cases this meant that website owners had low quality content that needed to be replaced and had edits that were unimaginable. Overall, website owners began to realize that hiring native English high quality writers for a higher amount was a better option than spending a little bit at a time to receive subpar content that still needed editing. The following is a small sample of the average content costs that a website owner can expect to pay for medium to high quality content from a native English writer.

Articles and Blogs

Articles and blogs have different requirements. Articles are more in-depth and detailed form of content while blogs are more personable and less structured. However, articles and blogs can run along the same amount of research time and money depending on the niche specialty of a writer. If you are looking for quality native English content that meets at least an 85% or better unique percentage through plagiarism software, then you must be willing to pay for that content. There is an adage that you get what you pay for. Consider that if you find someone who states they are a native English writer and they will provide you with content for less than a penny a word you're going to get what you pay for. You will end up with edits, rewrites and possibly non unique content that will leave you having to find a writer to fix it. Overall a penny a word is still low but will get you medium quality content writing. If you are looking for higher quality content that meets all of your expectations and gives you 100% unique content each time, then looked to pay at least two cents per word if not more.

Press Releases

Press releases require an entirely different style of writing compared to articles and blogs. A press release requires that an individual understands website such as PRWeb and how those websites function. They will not only need to be able to write high-quality content, they will also need to be able to incorporate quotations, images and links in order to provide high quality piece of content for readers. Remember, the press releases go out not just regular readers but also to business owners and through press release software used by major media including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. If you want a dedicated press release writer with experience and high quality native English content, you will need to pay at least $25 per press release. This is standard in order to gain quality and unique content that will be accepted by the press release company you choose.

Remember, that when you are paying for content you're not paying two cents per word for a native English writer or for high quality content. You are paying for the ability to have content done right the first time every time. You are paying for the luxury of not having to have edits, rewrites or having to find someone to fix English phrasing that should have been written properly the first time. You're paying for quality. Unfortunately, many website owners tend to get upset when they see someone who wants at least two cents per word. The truth of the matter is when you are paying two cents per word you're paying for quality, the time for that quality and you are paying for the ability to be able to publish directly to your website instead of having the headaches that, with a low quality and subpar content. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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