Benefits of a Content Manager

Though some business owners may not see the need in hiring a content manager or may see a content manager as an unnecessary expense, there are several benefits to having a content manager that will benefit the site owner as well as the content writing team. The content manager will cost you a bit more than a standard content provider, the benefits far exceed the costs. The following are just a few of the benefits that business owners should consider when hiring a content manager.

Reduced Stress

you are a website owner then you are well aware of the amount of stress that you may be put under during the day in just maintaining your website. With updates, affiliate marketing, marketing techniques and various issues that may come up during the day you simply may not have time to handle the tasks that come up with content writers. A content writer has their own style and their own issues. Remember that content writers are people just like everyone else and they have daily issues that may need to be addressed in addition to possible questions regarding content they may also have issues that come up during the day that may prevent them from meeting a deadline or may cause a deadline to need reestablishment in order to meet the content desires of the site. This can cause an increased amount of stress for website owners who are trying to maintain the website functionality during the day. A content manager can handle all of these issues for you while maintaining the integrity of the website in the integrity of the writers. Instead of having several e-mails to deal with the day which may include several different problems you can have 1 to 2 e-mails a day from your content manager that are updates on various issues with the staff that have either been taken care of or need attention.


Scheduling is a huge issue for many website content owners. In fact, many content owners actually own several websites and may have different meetings in different schedules depending on the site itself. This means that incorporating meetings, e-mail responses and online meetings with writers just may not be possible. For that reason, content managers can be invaluable.

Edits, Rewrites and Deadlines

It is a given in the content writing world that there will need to be edits, rewrites and the deadlines may be missed. This is unavoidable no matter how good your writing team is. There will always be an issue and there will always be a reason for it and it rewriter deadline to be just as or taking care of. If you do not have a content manager that it will be up to you to contact the writer to perform the edit or rewrites or to deal with the deadline readjustment yourself. This may sound like an easy task but this can actually take up several hours of a content website owner’s time. A content manager can handle the edits, rewrites and readjust deadlines were necessary in order to meet the final product of quality and unique content that the website requires.

Though it is true that a content manager will be more expensive hourly than a content writer, the expense is worth it in the long run. Consider the content manager handles edits, rewrites, deadline adjustments, scheduling and takes on all of the stress that you may not have time for in dealing with various content writer issues. You may also find that you are not capable of dealing with the ongoing stress level that comes with having a content team. You may not be able to get your point across as easily or as professionally as you would like to your own stress levels. A content manager can take the general idea and promote to the writers in such a way that the writer should not become offended and they still produce the quality that you need.

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