How Often Should You Update Your Blog

You have been told you need to keep your blog updated regularly, but how regular is necessary? You will most likely get different advice, such as blogging daily or weekly or whenever the mood strikes. The type of blog you have, how many ideas are on your list and how willing you are to keep your blog updates are all factors to consider when deciding how often you should be updating your blog. But here are some rough guidelines and tips for determining your posting frequency.

Focus on the Content

First and foremost, focus more on the content and less on how much content you upload to your blog. Having daily content is great, but only when every blog post is compelling and interesting to your readers. If you start updating it daily with mediocre or vague information, you’re going to lose quite a bit of your followers. So before you start considering how often to add new posts to your blog, be sure you are really paying attention to the value of your content.

Determine Your Goals

Every blog owner has a different set of goals for their blog. Some do it more casually and while they are promoting a product, they don’t dwell too much on it. These are people who just post when they come up with good ideas. Others have the blog as a niche blog where it is meant for Internet or content marketing, and therefore want it to grow as fast as possible. Posting more often is going to benefit you. Consider your goals and how much growth you want on your blog. On average, a high amount of growth requires blogging at least once per day, though multiple times a day is acceptable if you are paying attention to the quality of your posts. For others, 2-3 times a week is sufficient.

Increasing Your Page Rank

One of the reasons why posting frequently is ideal is because it helps you grow your page rank. Every time you have a new blog post, it is adding another page to your site. The more pages you have over a period of time, the more valuable Google and other search engines deem your blog, so it raises your page rank. The higher the page rank, the higher you appear in search engine results. So posting regularly is definitely preferred.

Benefits of Posting Daily

There are also other benefits to consider if you want to try posting every day to your blog. Not only can you hold on to your current readers who enjoy your content, but it helps you find new readers. Blogs updated frequently over a variety of topics tend to capture the attention of a larger audience, than a blog updating once or twice a week.

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