Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

Content marketing is a type of Internet marketing that relies solely on the content. It attracts customers based on interesting and valuable content, such as blog posts, articles, YouTube videos and more. The various types of media utilized in content marketing is exactly what sets it apart from article marketing. Both are used as an effective marketing strategy for expanding your business.

Make the Content Shareable

One of the most important factors about content marketing is that it is shareable. Only a small percentage of people finding your content will do so through organic search. The rest heard about it or were referred there, many times from social media or other blogs they follow. To have shareable content, use interesting and captivating images, proofread to remove typos and spelling errors, provide easy-to-read formatting, don’t make it appear like a big sales pitch and provide informative and interesting content.

Format it to be Easy to Read

The majority of people reading content online are going to scan the information to determine if it is worthwhile to them, then go back and really read and absorb the information. Your formatting must make it easy for them to read, using bullet points or numbered list, subheadings and smaller paragraphs. This is going to give your readers a way to instantly find the information they need, whether it is just one section or the entire article.

Write About Trending Topics

Social media provides you many benefits for content, including providing you with inspiration and helping you get ahead. Trending topics are extremely useful when growing your business through content marketing. By following the recent trends on Twitter, Topsy and Klout, you can create content around those trends in a timely manner and increase how much exposure your content gets. It also makes others more willing to share it when the trend is still happening.

Help Your Audience Solve Their Problems

Do some more complex research on your target market and try to solve their problems through the content you offer. Create articles, blog posts and other forms of content that will help your audience solve some of their problems. This may be a more broad category based on your niche audience, or it can be answering issues brought up in the comment section of your previous content.

Post Content Regularly

In order to keep your audience coming back to your website or blog, you need to be updating it regularly. Daily updates with fresh content is ideal, but a few days a week is perfectly fine. Just make sure you’re not constantly repeating things that you have already written about or that is all over the web. At least come up with some new angles and viewpoints for your content. If only updating your site twice a week means you have two great pieces of content, it is better than 5-7 days a week of mediocre content.

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