Finding Website Content Inspiration

Website content is an integral part of expanding the success of your website as it helps Google and other popular search engines find your website and rank it more effectively. However, you may experience problems finding proper inspiration for your different website content when you have been working on it for a while. Here are some helpful tips to find that inspiration.

Read Content

Keep up with what others in your industry, including your main competition, is doing. You don’t want to copy the content they are providing their readers, but it helps you to know what things to work on. You may be able to offer a different opinion, viewpoint or angle than what they are writing, giving you fresh content you know you readers will be interested in. It also lets you know what not to write about, in case you were up in the air about whether or not the content you had in mind had already been done.

Set up Alerts

Google is one of the best sources for alerts and keep be done for any type of keyword or search you can think of. Google Alerts will email you whenever relevant results show up for your topic. If you are writing about a certain topic, think of several keywords within that topic. Set up individual alerts for each one, and read through them each day. You will most likely get inspiration from these updates and news articles.

Conduct Interviews

Find experts within your niche and ask if they would be willing to give you an interview. Not only does this provide you with some rich and interesting content for your readers, but it also can lead to even more inspiration and ideas for content in the future. You can find experts on your own site, similar sites or through social media outlets and related forums. Offer to let them include their own links, and they will most likely be willing to let you interview them.

Look for Trending Topics

This is multi-faceted as it improves the popularity of your content while also helping you to find new things to write about. If you’re running out of ideas that are related to your target market, visit some social media sites and find what is currently trending. If you can get your content completed and published before the trend is gone, you have a very good chance at getting some great responses. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest are all great sources for the most recent trending topics.

Make Lists on Twitter

Start following other people in the industry who often inspire you with their ideas, and put them into organized lists. This makes it easier to keep up with they are currently up to, rather than trying to go through a Twitter feed of what probably contains thousands of people.

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