Dos and Don’ts of Article Marketing

Article marketing uses informative, unique and engaging articles on blogs and websites to draw in potential customers. It typically surrounds a single product or service and articles that would be helpful to someone looking for that product. There are some things to do with article marketing, and others to avoid.

Do: Look for websites with relevant content

Not all article submission sites will wan to publish the same type of content or articles. Take a look at some of their older articles to see if you notice a trend. If it is a website with all different areas of interest, take a look at the preferred format and length of the articles to help you know how to create appropriate content.

Don’t: Think only of your goal

While you should keep your end goal in mind, don’t make your articles all about yourself or your own marketing efforts. Focus on helping readers with the content in the article and only mentioning the product or service you’re marketing briefly. This content should go along with what someone who buys that product who want more information about. A weight loss product would mean tips on losing weight, maintaining motivation or choosing fitness routines would all be interesting to the target market.

Do: Express your expertise

The reader will certainly be interested in your won area of expertise and why you feel like the tips you are providing them should be followed. This is another area where you don’t want to promote yourself too much, but make it as subtle as possible. Simply mention briefly what your experience is with this topic and why you know what you’re talking. Always focus on the benefit to the reader as you do this.

Don’t: Repeat content

If you notice there are a lot of other articles about the same topic, mix it up a little bit. Repeating information isn’t helpful to others, therefore they aren’t as willing to read what you have to say. If you still need to use a topic that is readily available, find interesting angles that are going to have a new outlook on that niche. Have updated content by reading news articles for the most recent changes to the subject matter.

Do: Follow up

If the article submission site offers you an area for following up with your readers by replying to comments and answering questions, please do so. This will be attractive to the newer readers because they see that you care enough about your content and how it is absorbed to come back and reply to comments.

Don’t: Spin articles

Article marketing relies on unique, fresh content to be engaging and also include enough meat with relevant keywords for SEO purposes. If you spin articles, they will most likely be riddled with odd language and unusual wording choices. Spinning is giving you basically the same exact article, only with lower quality.

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