Creating Viral Content on Your Website

Viral content is content that gets to a high level of popularity very quickly. Think about some of the videos or other forms of content that everyone knows about, like grumpy cat or just about anything you can find on list sites like Buzzfeed. These articles draw in people and create something they want to share with all their friends. Once the person shares it, it explodes and suddenly it reaches millions of computers. This is what you want to have on your website.

Create Positive Content

While negative content also has the potential to go viral, it is very rare. For the most part, the more positive it is, the more likely it will become viral content. This isn’t like regular news when the saddest story is going to get the most attention. Online content relies on the emotions of people, and they want to share positive content, like that of an amazing talent someone has, a local hero and news about a cancer survivor. Think of the content you can put on your website that is relevant and how it can have a unique, positive spin.

Look For Practical Content

Another type of content that frequently goes viral is that that is useful and informative. If it something others can get a lot use out of, like one-of-a-kind recipes, they are bound to sharing it with their friends. This can be year-round type of content or catered to certain holidays and special events. If you’re trying to market different types of small appliances for the kitchen, you can create some fun treats for Christmas that are visually appealing and enticing to people on social media sites.

Perfect the Headline

It all starts with the content’s headlines. You need to have a killer headline that is nowhere near mediocre. It must draw people in and give them a reason to click, regardless of what the content is. Make the headline relevant and somewhat descriptive, but use interesting, funny or unique angles. Don’t shy away from a little humor or turning the subject matter into a pun where people can’t help but click on it.

Consider Your Audience

When trying to develop viral content, always keep your audience in mind. You should already know who your target audience is and catering to them is top priority. Would they like a funny list of antics or an informative article that is uplifting and would put a smile on everyone’s face? These are questions to ask yourself when creating viral content for your website.

Make it Shareable

Finally, make it easy for others to share. Start by making the first thread on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, so that all others have to do is click share. Before too long, millions of people have shared it, and they all go back to your origin page.

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