Trends in Content Marketing

Going Mobile

Based on information from recent statistics, mobile usage in North America has increased almost 70 percent in comparison to the past two years. Areas such as Europe and Asia have nearly 200 percent increases. Around one third of cell phone users who have smart phones are using their phones for most of their time spent online. Therefore, your content should be more mobile friendly. Whether you are using video or blog posts, your content should be able to be optimized for use on smart phones and other smart devices that fit into the mobile category if you want to reach out to the demographic of tech-savvy readers.

Owned Media

This is a risk that almost every individual with content should consider. Although you may own the content that you are creating and sharing with everyone, if you’re sharing them on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other related social networking areas, then there’s a risk that you might lose the ownership to your content when those sites change their policies. Additionally, many people post content on these sites and then never keep their own personal hard copies of their content; so what happens when that content is deleted? This is a reason why many content writers need to think of owned media and how it relates to them in the context of social media.


Although people like to have options, when it comes to content, they don’t like to have too many options. It’s great to invite your readers to like your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, but you should ensure that you’re focusing this attempt. You also want to ensure that your content is so well written or well presented that your readers and viewers have only one choice: to stay updated with the information that you are providing them!

Capturing Attention

Content needs to become shorter, sweeter, and straight to the point. You should be able to provide content that is concise but catchy. If your sentences are too long or if they’re written in a way that makes it too confusing for the reader to follow along, then you will lose their attention. As a result, you want to create content that will be able to keep up with everyone’s attention span. Write something that would make a quick and enjoyable read for someone and you’ll be certain to have success. Short streaming video is your highest competition when you’re dealing with written content, so you have to make every sentence count while keeping the words at a minimum reading length.

Stop Focusing On Influencers

It’s great if you can find an influencer who wants to spread your content around and share it with everyone they know; it’s an ideal way to get some promotion. However, it’s very difficult. So instead of focusing on influencers, focus on getting a group of fans or supporters of your content. They’ll be more likely to share your content among their friends and colleagues, which provides more steady support.

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