Tips on Choosing Topics for Relevant Content

To effectively update your site and keep your target market visiting your site or blog for more information, the topics and content need to be relevant. But how do you choose the topics to write about? This is where it can get tricky, but the following tips will help lead you in the right direction.

Show you’re passionate about the topic

This is something many website owners tend to overlook in their content. If it is not a topic you’re passionate about, it’s going to become glaringly obvious in the writing. This is one reason you might consider writing your own content, or at least revising what a content writer has sent you. Your passion should come through the content, where readers can see right away you feel a certain way about the topic you’re talking about.

Make the topic relatable to your target market

You have a specific group of people who come to your site, this is your target market. Get to know who they are, what question they have, and the type of content they’re most interested in. Do they like reading about fun DIY projects? Perhaps they are interested in improving their own business. Whatever the interest is, your topics should be relatable to this group of people. Spend the extra time researching what topics they’re most interested in, by readers their own posts on different blogs or social media sites.

Be challenging and open room for debate

One way to come up with new topics to write about that improve user engagement is with challenging or debatable topics. Don’t include sensitive topics, but those which can be debated by others. You shouldn’t be afraid to challenge and dare your readers to become more involved in what you’re there to discuss. Try to think of your target market again, and things this group by not entirely agree on. This can help you come up with topics for them to debate about. Again, be careful when using this tactic, as you don’t want to start drama on your blog.

Avoid overtly sensitive topics

As mentioned earlier, you should challenge your readers but not be too sensitive. There should be a balance between opening up interesting debates and conversations, and talking about sensitive topics that cause arguments and offend people.

Find a topic you can easily research

Finally, choose a topic that will be easy for you to research. Not necessarily a broad topic, but one that is close to your niche market where you already know a bit of the information.

Avoid getting too far off topic or not being relevant to your target market and what your site’s main objective is. If you sell a certain type of product or provide a service, all of the site’s content should be related in one way or another. It doesn’t need to be exact, but provide your readers with something they would be interested in.

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