Qualities to Look For in a Website Content Writer

If you don’t have the time or inclination to write content for your site, you will need to hire a writer to do it for you. This part can be the most difficult, as finding a writer who is qualified and has experience you need for your type of content, is a little tricky. When you start your search, keep the following qualities in mind.

Relevant Experience

The first important quality to look for in a content writer is relevant experience. Depending on your niche or industry, just finding a writer who writes for all different topics might not be suitable. While this is perfectly find for some businesses, others need more relevant experience. Ask to see their resume and a list of their types of previous clients, so you know what they are capable of writing.

Published Samples

Ask to see published samples. The writer will most certainly send you samples, possibly as an attachment. But at least some of the samples should be of published content. This lets you know how their content looks as website content, and it ensures their name is indeed the author of the content. The exception would be if they linked you to a published sample they were the ghostwriter for, therefore their name would not be on the sample.

Testimonials from Clients

This isn’t always possible, but it’s highly ideal. If you find a certain writer, ask to see references or testimonials from previous clients. This is an important quality to look for because it ensures you their other clients have been happy with their work. Not only did they do a good job with the writing aspect, but turned their work in on time and satisfied the client. If you’re looking for writers through their business websites, testimonials or reviews are usually posted right there on the site, making it easy to look through them.

Willing to Revise or Edit

You may never need to ask for a revision on the content your writers send you, but they should still be open to it. By allowing edits or revisions, the writer is showing they are confident about their work and understand as a website owner, you want it fit to your specifications. Asking for a revision doesn’t mean the writer didn’t do a good job, but you have a very specific idea for how the content will be. Find out ahead of time if they accept revision requests.

When looking for a website content writer, a good combination of experience, skill and decent rates are something you should be trying to find. Don’t just look for the writer who has moderate quality but low rates; you’re going to get moderate quality back. Find rates you can afford, but that are indicative of the quality of work the writer provides.

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