Keyword Research Tips for Website Content

As you may already know, keyword research is vital when you’re getting new website content. The reason is because search engine optimization (SEO) relies on certain keywords of your content to let it be found by people using their search engines. If you write an article about do-it-yourself plumbing jobs, how is it going to get found by the right audience? By choosing not just any keywords, but the right keywords.

Things to Know About Searchers

There are first some things you should know about people who are searching for information with search engines. First of all, they have a very specific purpose. It isn’t someone just browsing the web. They have a need and are searching with intent. This is important to know because most searches will be a question, not just entering one or two keywords. It’s rare for someone to enter “plumbing” only, so you need to delve deeper into your keyword research. Instead of typing in “plumbing” or “DIY plumbing,” the searcher knows they can make the search more specific. They might type “how to unclog a toilet” or “ways to clear a shower drain.” This is something you should be aware of when doing your keyword research.

Use Behavioral Terms

Another tip for choosing the right keywords for your website content is in the additional terms used. Behavioral terms are things like “easy,” “top,” or “best.” Maybe someone is searching for “the easiest way to clear a clog.” By knowing this and using this string of keywords in your content, your DIY plumbing website or blog post has just appeared much higher in the search results.

Related Topics

Keywords and content submitted to your site for related content is also advisable. In the example used above, you are writing content about DIY plumbing jobs. This would be mainly projects someone can do at home to fix or upgrade their home’s plumbing system. Some related topics and keywords to research would be with explaining how to use certain tools and what they are, such as a post about augers, the best ones, and where they can be purchased.

Research in Other Outlets

While keyword tools are great for finding the right words and phrases, they aren’t the only way you an find out what people in your target market are looking for. Another method is to search through different social media networks. You can try entering a basic search term like “plumbing help” into Twitter or even Pinterest, and find what others are posting or talking about. This gives you not only new keyword phrases to use that will benefit you greatly, but also ideas for more content to get posted on your site.

These tips are meant to help you complete your keyword research for SEO and general traffic purposes. By following them, you will soon learn what kind of keywords should be used in your website content.

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