How to Get Quality Website Content

Quality website content for your site or blog is essential for success. But where and how do you get it? This guide is going to help you choose a writer for your content, find what you need, and choose the right outlets for the best content around.

Social Media Ads

One of the newer outlets for finding quality website content and the writer to complete that content is with social media outlets. You can do this either by searching for writers who are posting about their availability, or posting that you’re looking for a writer. When you start joining different social media sites, you begin networking with others in your niche or industry. So you should be able to leverage it to find excellent website content.

Writer Websites

Searching for writers directly by finding their websites online is another source of finding website content. This is good if you want to find a writer who specializes in your niche, whether it’s health, technical, or affiliate marketing. Not all good writers have websites to search for, but it’s a good place to start when you don’t want to go through other sites and have to weed through dozens of applications and resumes.

Bidding Sites

Bidding sites, such as Elance and Odesk, are becoming a popular way to find writers. What you do is post an ad outlining exactly what you’re looking for in content creation. Be as specific as possible, so you can find a writer who is able to fulfill all the requirements. It takes a little time to get to know exactly what criteria you should be looking for, but once you find a writer who does a good job, you can keep going back to them for future assignments.


The last option is looking through classified ads online, or posting your own. This can be through online job boards like Monster or with classified sites online, such as Craigslist. In both cases, you will either post for your need for a content writer or by searching for writers who mention their experience and availability.

What to look for

To get quality website content you don’t write yourself, you need to hire a writer to complete it for you. You should be looking for certain qualities in your content writer. They should be experienced with the type of content you need, whether it’s articles, blog posts, or even a press release or sales page. Aside from adequate experience on their resume, read through their samples. Preferably, atleast some of the samples are published, but this isn’t always possible.

Remember to use multiple sites and outlets for finding quality website content. Don’t restrict yourself to just social media networks or bidding sites; look at multiple websites to find the perfect writer. Look over their samples and resume thoroughly.

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