How to Build a Site With Unique Content

There are multiple reasons you should be building your website with unique and original content in mind. First of all, you don’t want to b known as recycling the same info a reader has read in 10 other places. Most likely if you were found through a search engine, they’re visiting multiple sites looking for information. If the reader finds you having the same articles the other 9 sites had, they won’t visit you again.

Another reason is so you can appear in the search engine results. It is getting more difficult to be ranked highly. You want a high page rank, because that is what determines what position you’re in with different search results. If you have a high page rank, there is better chance at being on the first page and getting your information viewed. But if you don’t post unique content, you could get bumped.

How Much Content to Have

In the beginning, you will want to get a good amount of content up in order to get the major search engines to index your site. You should be viewed as an expert, providing valuable information to readers and viewers of your site. If you have a small site with three pages of error-ridden blog posts, you’re not going to get indexed and you will be on page 10,000 of search results. Do the work before launching to get a good design with exceptional content.

Building Your Site with Content

Before you choose a website design, consider the content. You should be building your website with the content in mind. If you want blog posts, articles or media on your site, choose a layout or create a website that allows you to post this type of content in an easy, user-friendly way. It shouldn’t be overly complicated, and the design should allow users of your site to find the content quickly and easily.

Qualities of Good Content

Aside from being unique and original that doesn’t plagiarize information, your website content should also have the factors and qualities of excellent content. This is content that not only improves your website, allowing you to be an expert in your field, but also help the search engine crawlers find and index your site properly. Here are the most important considerations:

Valuable, interesting, relevant content – Your content needs to be relevant to your website and provide interesting information that is valuable to your readers, not just content you’re copying from other sites.

Scannable website design – The content itself needs to be posted in such a way that it is easy to read and get through. This includes adding a title, sub-headings, bolded and italicized words and phrases.

Free of errors – If you don’t feel confident in your proofreading skills, pay someone for their professional editing services. In order to build a site with content, it needs to be free of speller, grammar and punctuation errors.

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