Writing Major Index Page Content

When you visit a website, index page is the first thing you see and will determine whether you’re going to stay on that website or not. The index page, also called the home page, is therefore the most important page of any site. It will include a variety of content including text, audio or video media, polls and quizzes, images, forms, and other elements. Your index page should have a good balance, not be too cluttered and contain an amazing headline. Here are some tips for writing major index page content.

The Headline

The first thing a visitor will notice when visiting your site is the headline, but this doesn’t mean you need to write it first as well. Because it is so important, you shouldn’t perfect it until the end. You can start on your headline when first setting up your site, but you should always re-visit it after completing your index page because you will most likely need to tweak it a bit. The headline should be catchy, easy to remember and give your visitors a reason to stay past the first few seconds.

The Introductory Paragraph

The next section of your index page content is the first or introductory paragraph. This paragraph is going to be like the first paragraph of a report; something that delves deeper into what you introduced in your headline or title of the page. The introductory paragraph should be brief yet get right to the point. Don’t use unnecessary words or go into detail; only include as much as you need to in order to explain your site’s purpose or what readers will experience.

Don’t Clutter the Index Page

When you begin working on other content for the index page, avoid adding too much clutter. You do want a good amount of content on this page, but you also need some clean, white space for clarity. If readers find it too jumbled, they won’t be able to navigate your website and will leave without bothering to see what you have to offer.

Edit and Edit Some More

Your fist draft is very rarely the final product. Double and triple-check your content before publishing it and edit it as many times as you need to until you get the perfect piece of content. Your index page may include a short article or an excerpt from your recent blog post. Whatever it is, be sure it is exceptional, eye-catching and impressive. Don’t leave spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors in it.

Be Confident

Finally, your index page content should portray confidence in your products or services and be written in active voice. Avoid righting in passive voice where you could go either way. You’re trying to convince the reader to stick with you and promising them results, not telling them a reason why they might want to look elsewhere.

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