The Difference Between Articles and Blogs

If you are looking for web content, it can often be difficult distinguishing between articles and blogs. To many, they seem like the same thing, and under certain circumstance, they can be. However there are distinctive differences that can help you lean more toward needing blogs or articles to publish online or as content for your site.

Why the Confusion?

First of all, the root of the confusion between blogs and articles is that blogs are so much newer. Nowadays, both forms are published online, but articles began in the newspaper which has been around for nearly a century. When blogs first began being used online, it was easy to tell the difference however over time, more article were published online in different forms making it confusing to tell the difference between the two.

What is a Blog?

A blog is essentially providing information about a certain topic. It is usually written in first person, though it could be in second or even third person on occasion. It is more conversational and on a different type of site (a blog). Another big difference is that it is common to have a slew of comments below the blog posts, where anyone can leave a comment and engage in conversation. Blogs also tend to be more based on personal experience or opinion. The average word length for a blog is between 350 and 450 words.

What Is an Article?

An article can often be on the very same topic of a blog post and written with the same angle with some distinct differences. Unlike blogs, not all articles online will have a comment section. However many of them do now offer comments and ratings from the readers. They are also more factual; think about the newspaper. The articles throughout the paper are written in second or third person for the most part and based on facts. On the back page, you will find the opinions section; this is more similar to blogs. The average word length for an article is between 500 and 600 or more words depending on the topic.

The Main Differences

One of the biggest things to separate a blog post from an article is where they’re posted. Obviously if you’re on a major news website, most of the content is considered articles. When on a blog, they are considered blog posts even if many of them are structured like an article. There are also many that are basically the same thing, but because of it being in first person or based more on opinion, it is considered more a blog post. There are also blogs where the content is more similar to articles and can be called either. In the end, the name of content is based on the opinion of the website owner and the reader. Many times, the difference doesn’t matter as long as the content is informative.

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