Best Way to Follow Keyword Search Trends

Increasing your website traffic is dependent on many things, but your keyword search is one of them. Keyword search is done for a variety of reasons, but mostly for your web content. When deciding what content to put on your different webpages and what topics to write about in articles and blog posts, you need to know the right keywords. Keywords should be those that are getting a lot of hits and people are searching for often, but not have too much competition. Below you will find some of the best ways to keeping track of and finding keyword search trends.

Google Trends

The first way to follow keyword search trends is by using Google Trends. This isn’t a new way by any means but continues to be one of the most popular. Google Trends is very practical when you’re trying to find out what is currently popular and being searched for the most. Many Internet marketers and content creators use Google Trend in conjunction with the Google Keyword Research Tool. With Google Trends, you have different search options, but the easiest way to use it is by seeing the most recent searches and by what is searched the most.

Follow Twitter Trends

Another popular way to follow the latest keyword search trends is by using Twitter. You can either search manually by typing certain things in the search bar to see what comes up or by following the trends by popularity. All you really need to do is look on the left for the current trends and scroll through the people you follow. This is best when you want to write news articles and content you don’t mind expiring, but not great for long-term trends.

Manual Searches

You can also use other online tools for keeping track of keyword search trends that rely on manual searches. Some good places for this method include Microsoft Bing, Microsoft Ad Intelligence and Google Adwords. All of these options will require somewhere to start first, such as keywords. For example, you can type in pregnancy and find out what recent terms were searched or trending that are about pregnancy.

Paid Research Tools

Your final option is to use paid research tools where you pay a fee and have much of the work done for you. However use other methods before this one because in many cases, you can get the same results using other sites than you would if you were paying for it.

Keyword research is vital and it can make or break the success of your content. The best way to go about it is by choosing a variety of different methods, such as using Twitter, manual tools and the Google Trends tool all to get a combination of results.

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