5 Ways to Use Comments to Drive Web Content

The web content on your site is what is going to help you get traffic through Internet searches, but that can only be done in certain ways. Aside from doing web research to get hits and get a higher page rank, you should also utilize other free advertising tactic such as comments. The comment can be blogs, other published articles on related websites, or on various social media outlets. These are five different ways you can use comments to your own benefit.


The first way to use commenting as a way to drive web content and web traffic is through engaging in the comments. Don’t just leave any random comment and leave. Post something in question form as a way to engage the reader. This could be reaching out to the website owner or who posted the content, as well as others who will post comments after you. By being one of the first commenters, you can get better visibility.

Be Informative and Insightful

When leaving comments, also remember to be informative and insightful. Answer questions to others who have asked something in regards to something you know about. Since you should be posting on a blog or site related to yours, you will have advanced knowledge in the subject. When your answers are read, they will appear insightful and readers will be tempted to look at your website.

Add Your Personal Experience

It can also help to add your personal experience when posting comments. Comments should always be written in first person and relay your opinions or experience with the topic being discussed. This further instills confidence in what you’re saying and starts a meaningful conversation. Commenters who leave nothing but a sentence plus their link get ignored.

Add Your Link

Of course you should not forget to add a link to your website. When you leave a comment on another blog or article, you may be asked for your website as part of the posting process. Too many people look over this and feel it is unncessary. The truth is, many website owners will not approve comments that do not have this piece of information. Therefore, it is vital for you to leave your website information on the form in order for the comment to be seen and for individuals to link back to your site for information or to follow your posts. If you still choose to leave out the website information, remember it can look like you’re spamming and just trying to drive traffic to your website.

Choose the Blogs Wisely

Choose your blogs or websites wisely before leaving comments. DO proper research and choose those that are related in some way to your website or at least have the same niche market. Your comments should drive traffic to your own content, therefore you want the readers to be people who would normally visit your site.

Follow these five key steps and you will be on your way to more web traffic from unique and quality visitors who are interested in your product or what you have to say.

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