Benefits of Affiliate Programs and Content

Every website owner wants their content to bring in new visitors. They also want that content to give their site exposure to new reader networks and to bring in money for their site. Monetizing the website, or at the very least certain pieces of content, is a key factor in being a website owner or professional blogger. Some owners will turn to revenue share while others hope that social media marketing will do the trick. The truth is, a combination of these methods should be used. One of the best methods for monetization is affiliate marketing or referral marketing. If you have considered this monetization form, here are some benefits you may not have taken into account.

Increased Commissions

Revenue share will bring in a certain amount of income based on the number of readers and views your content receives. However, adding affiliate or referral programs to your content will allow you to increase the value of the content by 75% or more. Some content providers and site owners have found that a solid referral program or affiliate program in a popular niche can bring in several hundred dollars a day in commissions sales revenue through one piece of content discussing the service. This is huge for website owners who are wanting to receive the most value for their money on content.

Increased Exposure of Your Site

Any time that you reach out to a new network of readers you are increasing the exposure to your site. When you use an affiliate marketing or referral service within your content you are not only reaching the new network of readers, you are also reaching a new network of potential customers and leads to your own site. They will begin to value your opinion on various products and services and not only latch onto your content, but also begin visiting your site for more valuable information. As you build a reader base from your affiliate and referral marketing content you will also expose your site to businesses that may want to host guest blogs on your site or theirs. This lead in to guest blog posting can be a huge break for websites and the exposure of their services.

Ongoing Revenue

The great thing about using affiliate marketing and referral services in content is the ability to achieve ongoing revenue with little to no effort. Take for example an article on long term care insurance. Let’s assume that you find an insurance referral program that allows you to refer candidates to long term care insurance packages and pays you a commission for each successful sign up to the insurance program. If you produce high quality content regarding the insurance and then simply place the link to the referral site in the sources section of the content editor, you will allow readers to see the content for what it is and choose to move forward with the insurance process without feeling pressured. This means that the readers are using your content as informational content rather than as a gateway to obtaining the insurance. It’s a very soft sell tactic that works amazingly well. As long as you update the information when insurance plans or rulings update, you will be able to use that same piece of content for ongoing revenue without writing tons of articles on the same topic.

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