Benefits of Revenue Share Programs

Revenue share programs are a common outlet for website content providers. They may not always be considered by website content owners. Website content owners should consider the content outlet offered by revenue share programs, the benefits of using these programs and how these programs can bring in a whole new visitor base to the site.

Increased Visitor Base

Revenue share programs allow you to reach a new audience with your content. By using revenue share programs such as Infobarrel, HubPages and Squidoo you can reach an entirely new set of readers who may otherwise not have known about your site. If you continue to produce regular articles or content on these sites you will gain a visitor following that will eventually lead to new visitors on your website and new subscribers. You will boost your ratings on the revenue share site which will be picked up by Google Adsense and give you even more exposure for your content and your site.

Increased Revenue

Revenue share will not pay you a large amount per article, but it will pay you some side revenue that can lead to a larger revenue base. For example, let’s say that you post an article on Long Term Health Care Insurance. That article is a popular topic, so you tend to receive a fair amount of views. Those views bring you around a penny a day. That is not that much, however, if you combine that with an affiliate program for insurance or with a referral service that allows you send new customers through the referral base you could see a huge amount of income from one article. There are some writers who are producing revenue share content and earning $50 to $100 or more on that one article simply from referral programs and commissions from those closed sales.

Increased Exposure

There are hundreds of methods to gain exposure for your website, product or service. You can use a regularly updated blog, unique content, affiliate marketing and you can use revenue share. The appeal to using revenue share for increased exposure is found in the reader base. Each revenue website has a devoted group of readers. Think of them as a forum of sorts. HubPages has a devoted following and network as does Squidoo, Infobarrel and several other revenue share sites. For each site that you post content to you will be reaching a whole new reader base. With increased content to that reader base you will be building a new network. With each new network you will build connections that can be added to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Overall, it is free exposure that brings in income and visitors with little effort each week.

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