Disadvantages of Using PLR for Content

PLR content can be a saving grace for many start up businesses. However, if you are trying to produce high quality regular content for a blog or article site, then the use of PLR may be a hindrance rather than an advantage. If you are considering PLR content for your site, here are a few disadvantages to take into account.

Editing Time

No matter how high quality the PLR content is, you will still need to make editing adjustments to the copy before using it on your site. The problem is that some editing adjustments may take only a few minutes while others may require an entire rewrite. If you are using spinning software for rewrites, then the time can be lowered or may double depending on the content. Overall, the editing time of PLR and enhancing the PLR to fit your needs can be more time consuming than simply hiring a content provider to write according to your specifications.

Unique Quality

High quality is a key element to producing any website content. Unique quality should also be on the list of priorities for your content as well. Having 100% unique content is a key element to driving new visitors to your site. PLR does not offer unique quality without the buyer making some adjustments to the content. Remember, PLR content is sold to as many buyers as possible. You may be purchasing the PLR, but so are 100 other website owners. Now, there are ways around this disadvantage. For example, you may choose to ask the author if you can buy exclusive rights to upcoming PLR content. This means that you will be the only one purchasing the PLR and therefore, you receive unique content. If you choose to take this route, you will be spending more on the PLR since you are buy the content and the full exclusive rights to that content.

Current Views

When new visitors explore your website, they want to see new content. They want to see a fresh look at a topic. If you are buying PLR to provide you with the vast majority of your content, then you may run into an issue of the content being old. Some website owners feel that if they go by the date the PLR was uploaded they will receive current content. This is not always the case. Some writers will produce new PLR packages each week while others will use content that was rejected a few days ago to a few months ago. One article in the PLR pack may be 100% fresh while another may have old information. If you purchase PLR with this in mind, you will also need to recognize that to make the quality the level needed for new visitors you will need to research and make sure the articles are current as well as high quality.

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