Ways to Create PLR

PLR is a great way to bring in new clients, increase exposure to your site and to bring the spotlight to your writing ability while still creating a sizeable income during downtimes. Though you may have a long range plan for PLR, creating the PLR content may be a problem. You may find that creating the content is time consuming, conflicts with other projects or it may not seem to be worth the effort. However, once you master certain ways to create PLR then some of these issues float to the wayside.

Using Rejected Content

If you create content for various niches, then this particular way to create PLR may or may not work for you. However, if you create content in specific niches with various clients, then this method may be perfect for you. This way to create PLR is based on simple compilation of rejected topics into one group of articles under the same topic. For example, you may have had a client that ordered a set of articles on green living and changed their mind halfway through the project leaving you with a group of unusable articles. Take those articles, group them together and sell them as a PLR package.

Creating Articles Each Week

Larger is not always better when it comes to PLR. Though you will see content packages of hundreds or thousands of PLR documents available online, you can count on the fact that those packages do not contain quality well-written content. Most of the individuals who are making larger amounts of money off of PLR sales are doing so with smaller packages that are written with high quality in mind. Take the time to create five to ten articles each week. Sell those articles in a five article package or ten article package for $5 to $10. You’ll find that the packages will sell and you will be building new content each week for just a small amount of your time.

Trend your PLR

If PLR is your sole source of income, then your goal is to offer content that people want when people want it. You will need to make sure that your PLR sells and sells well right away. If this is the situation you are in, then you may want to consider using trends to build your PLR. Trends can be found on Google and Twitter and will give you an idea of the popular topics of the day. You can take those topics and work them into PLR packets of 5 articles. Make sure that if you use this form of creating PLR that you market yourself continuously. You will want to make sure that your marketing brings in new clients daily so your efforts of trending the articles for PLR do not go to waste. In fact, you can use the trends to connect to your trending PLR packets to bring in even more exposure.

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