Disadvantages of Hoarding Content

Some site owners will try to hoard content. Hoarding content is a method that is only used in certain situations when websites are down or they might be going under some new form of maintenance or structure. Hoarding content is expensive and has its severe disadvantages for the website owner. The following are the disadvantages to hoarding content that should be considered prior to moving in this direction.

Unique and Updated

If you're hoarding content, you may have a writer or team of writers write on specific topics or themes in order to gain larger amounts of content in one section. This may seem like a good idea on surface, the truth of the matter is that using this could lead to not having unique and updated content. For example, if you have a writer handle several articles and blogs on a particular theme in October, but you hold onto that content until January you may be facing the issue that the content is no longer fresh or updated. This means that you have paid for content that is no longer usable or interesting to the readers.

Too Much Content

Generally those website owners who attempt to hoard content will run into an issue of having too much content. They will assume that they have too little or may overestimate the amount of content. Unfortunately they will not find this out until they go to post the content. If this is the case you may find, as a website owner, that you have paid out far too much for articles that you will not be able to use or that may be considered spamming. The only advantage to having too much content is if you are utilizing outside revenue source sites such as HubPages or Squidoo, where you can filter out overflow articles.

PLR Issues

Some content owners are hoarding articles not for their insights but for PLR resale. The problem with PLR resale and 40 articles is the same problem that comes in with hoarding the articles for on-site publishing. When an individual purchases PLR they are doing it to build an e-book, build content on site or to rewrite the articles and resell them as unique content. If you're PLR is too old then the content will not be purchased or be usable. In other words you are left with the same issue of not having unique and updated content to offer your buyers. If this sort of reputation gets out you will be unable to sell PLR in the future and you may have issues of keeping customers. If you are looking for PLR the best option is to hire a writer to write a specific set of PLR to resell and to resell that PLR immediately.

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