Using Affiliate Marketing in Content

Site owners who are building their sites based on content or who were using content to build back links to their site are generally looking for easy ways to monetize their content. One of the easiest ways to monetize content, other than using revenue shares, is to utilize affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can play into any niche and be used with any content so long as it is used responsibly and it avoids spamming the content itself. The following are a few ways to use affiliate marketing in content.


It really doesn't matter what type of niche your site is in. Every site, every niche and every topic has a product or service that is associated with it. Finding a product or service to use along with your website is fairly easy. Sites like ClickBank allow you to sign up as an affiliate, find products and services that fit your niche and then use special codes to bring people to those affiliate sites. A great way to link or parade this is by finding a product or service of interest and writing a review on that service with the link in the review. You only need one link in the review and a positive review of the product or service in order to promote the products. Individuals read reviews, hopefully be interested in purchasing the item and will follow the link to your affiliate site. If they purchase the item you will get a percentage of the commission from the sale and this will occur every time someone reads the review and follows the link as well as plan for sale.

Reference Links

Some revenue share sites such as HubPages, List My Five and Squiddo will allow an individual to post an article or blog and follow that article or blog with a link to an outside reference a resource. There are some rules regarding this and you will need to check the terms of service for the particular revenue share site you are on prior to putting this into effect. However you can use the reference link to your affiliates product or service as part of the article. It will not show up directly in the article and will show up as a link. However, if your article is a review or if your article discusses the benefits of this particular product or service that is likely an individual will click on the link, follow the link and purchase the service landing you a commission from the contents provided.

Types of Content Posts

There are several different types of content posted you can use affiliate marketing for. There are benefit style posts, types of style posts and about style posts. The most commonly effective method of using affiliate marketing in your content is to use it alongside some type of article. For example, if you are promoting a at-home education program as part of your affiliate marketing then you could do an article on the types of home education programs in that niche. List several other types as well as the type that you are marketing. Try to keep the other types away from sites that actually sell buy it now packages and keep your affiliate product or service to a buy it now package such as an all-in-one at-home educational option.

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