Disadvantages of Spinning Articles

Some site owners will find themselves searching online forums for ways to increase your productivity, increase the content and decrease their overall cost. Unfortunately, some business professionals and site owners may not see the value in uniquely written content and therefore try to skip certain aspects of the writing process in order to save money. One of the most common methods of cutting corners for site owners is to use article spinning. Article spinning has its advantages on face value, however there are several disadvantages of spinning articles that site owners should consider.

Editing Times

The spinning process generally uses spinning type software such as The Best Spinner. This type of spinning software will allow individuals take an article, place the article into a text editing box and affect the text to create new sentences from existing sentences. This can be done on a sentence percent of spaces or word for word basis. The concept is that this is easier, quicker and more productive than having someone write a unique article. What a site owner generally does not consider, especially if they are not a content provider, is that this method actually takes up to two times as long. The increased time does not result from the spinning of the article itself. The increased time results in the editing time required. Not only does a writer or a spinner have to ensure that every sentence is grammatically correct, phrasing is correct and that the entire article makes sense that they also have to edit for certain other issues that spinning causes. Sure you may end up with an article that is produced in a faster method and you may end up with 50 copies of the article that are “unique”, but those articles are not written with quality or with grammar in mind.

Unique Quality

Let's face it, most site owners are looking for three main things when they hire out content. They are looking for a native speaker, unique quality and good price. Unfortunately some site owners still believe that the best price is one dollar for 500 words. If you are hiring out your content for one dollar for 500 words then you will get what you pay for. If you want unique quality that will pass CopyScape and bring readers to your website then stick with something unique. The spinning software will not give you unique quality. The spinning software will give you a document or several documents that pass plagiarism software. Those copies are rarely of high-quality, can be picked out easily and essentially are a copy of the original document. Copies are not unique.

Cost Effective

A third disadvantage of using spinning software or hiring a writer who you'd like to spinning software is the cost effectiveness. It is a misconception that spun articles are more cost-effective than uniquely written articles. For example, if you hire a native content writer with a solid background in providing content you will pay between $10 per 500 words and $20 per 500 words. When you receive the article you will receive an article that is unique, high-quality, edited and ready for publication. You rarely if ever need to worry about any editing past checking the article through a plagiarism checker. However, if you hire someone to spend articles then you may find yourself paying for the article to be spun which could cost about $1-$3 per 500 words. When you receive the article you will need to have it edited due to the fact that most individuals who spin content professionally are not native speakers. Now you are forced to pay an editor. The editing cost can be between three dollars per 500 words and as much as $15 for 500 words. You have now already spent past the amount you would to just have the article uniquely written. If you are looking to create 50 articles from one uniquely written article then you are already running into an issue of the vast majority of those articles being kicked back, not being shown as quality articles or ruining your reputation for providing quality content. In essence, it is much easier to hire one unique article writer to handle your contents that it is to try to cut corners.

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