Methods to Keep Content Fresh

Keeping content fresh can be an ongoing maintenance task. If you have hired a content manager, then maintaining your content can be a bit easier. However there are certain times when keeping content fresh can be a difficult task to tackle. Depending on the niche that you are in, advancements and technology can change the information that appears on your site drastically. For example, if you are in a healthcare industry dealing with health insurance the upcoming health care Reform Act can continually change or content making it old and even informationally outdated. The following are some methods to help keep your content fresh without constantly churning out new content.

Deleting and Reposting

Deleting and reposting content is a technique that some blog owners will use in order to keep the content fresh. Periodically a content manager may be asked to go into a blog and research certain topics that have appeared in current affairs and news coverage. When a content manager finds topics related to current news and affairs they may pull down those topics, rewrite the topics to fit the new information and then repost those topics as fresh information. This is a time consuming process but it does allow for fresh content to be posted at times when people are looking into that particular topic. This is especially true for blogs that may have a topic of dealing with healthcare insurance from several months to a year ago that can now be rewritten and reposted as fresh content for the upcoming health care reform.

Sticking to Current Affairs

Sticking to current affairs is the way that many bloggers try to stay away from the need to refresh their content. By sticking with current affairs and showing that career fairs are the primary method the blogger website use to inform their readers, the site itself can maintain a semblance of fresh content. If your site chooses to stick with current affairs as the method of maintaining your blog and providing fresh content, then it should be noted that this particular method does require regular content posting of at least 3 to 4 times per week. This may be doable for some site owners where others may have to hire a writer in order to produce current affair content. If you choose to hire a writer remember that $10 per blog for 4 to 5 blogs a week is a small price to pay to maintain your content and keep it unique.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is another method that site owners would use to keep your content fresh. Evergreen content simply means that the content is standard. It rarely if ever changes and the content provided serves a long-standing purpose. The disadvantage to Evergreen content is that Google algorithms have posed a change that makes Evergreen content still useful but only as information. If you are trying to obtain a higher ranking with Google or with other websites or if you are trying to produce and monetize content from your site and Evergreen content may not be the way to go.

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