Benefits of Hiring English Content Writers

Hiring writers to complete content for you can be a frustrating process when you don’t have experience with the new writer and have no idea what their quality is. Taking a chance on a new writer is even more frustrating when English isn’t their first language. This can be obvious in the way they write because they don’t have advanced knowledge on sentence structure, phrasing, and grammar.

Grammatical and Spelling Errors

Common mistakes when hiring non-native English writers is that there will be a lot of spelling or grammatical errors. Many times, they are errors not picked up by the document’s spell check feature because the English language is often very complex. But you will notice the grammar issues, spelling errors, sentence structure, or awkward phrasing when you read through it. They are often not as reader-friendly when a non-native English writer is finishing the content.

Communication issues

Communication and translation can also be an issue when hiring a non-native English writer. There is a language barrier and the writer might not be clear on what you’re looking for, how to complete the revision, or phrases you want to be used. With a native English writer, there is a much higher chance of them understanding your directions the first time and not having to spend time on revisions.

Less Revisions

A big benefit to not having communication or language barrier issues is that you don’t have to deal with as many revisions. A non-native English writer who doesn’t understand your specifications might need 2-3 revisions while a native English writer usually gets it right the first time. You also don’t have to spend extra time editing the poor grammar, spelling errors, or awkward phrasing in the finished article. This can be a hassle that is easily avoided by hiring a native English writer.

Fining Native English Writers

When you’re trying to find a content writer who is a native English writer, there are some things you can look for. For example, if you post a job living for a content writer and you get a response that seems to have a lot of grammatical errors in the email, pass it by. Even if the spelling and grammar is appropriate, you can still tell it is a little “off” by how words or sentences are arranged. Try reading it aloud and see if it makes sense to you; this is very often the best way to figure out if they are a native English writer. You should also be specific in your advertisement that you are looking for native English writers.

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