Reasons to Pay More for High Quality Content

When you’re in the market for new content for your website, whether it is a blog post, news article, or product description, it can be hard deciding who to choose to write your content. While you may be able to pay less money for low quality or average quality content, is it really worth it? In the end, you want your content to help improve your website traffic and you can only do that with high quality content. Below you will find the top reasons why you should pay more for high quality content.


Truly high quality content is rare as most of what you will find on the Internet is average quality. When something is of very high quality, it attracts more attention which in turn increases its search rank on Google and other search engines. This will increase the amount of web traffic you get, making it well worth the money you spent on it.

Bookmarking Content

Along the same lines as being attention grabbing, high quality content is more likely to be bookmarked and shared among friends. You will notice that when your blog has high quality articles or posts, it gets thousands more hits and is shared more among bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon, and social media sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. People want to read and share great content they find, so the better quality content you pay for, the more traffic you will initially get. The more sites posting links to your content, the more traffic you gain. Not only because it warrants more visitors and improves the search rank, but also because this gives you thousands of backlinks.

RSS Subscriptions

If you are paying more for high quality content on your blog, you will also get the opportunity to increase your RSS subscriptions. The more people you have signing up for the RSS feed on your blog, the more total hits your blog will get. Each time you post new content, hundreds or thousands of people will be alerted to it and will therefore increase your total number of views. Any products or services you are trying to sell will also increase as a result. For example, a popular blog has over 100,000 people subscribed to the RSS feed. This means every time the blog posts a new article, 100,000 people are notified, many of which will visit the blog.

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