Reason to Avoid Spun Content

Hiring a writer to handle articles, blog posts, and web content for you will give you a great opportunity at unique content. However, not all writers are created equal. Unfortunately, some people are going to use old articles already published and “spin” them with a program that switches around words, replacing them with others. What this does is make the article appear to be original even though it was just entered into this program. If you’re curious about article spinning and why you should avoid it, this information will prove useful to you.

What is Article Spinning?

Someone who spins content, which may be called content spinning or article spinning, is taking a pre-written article or blog post and rearranging words and sentences. What this does is create new text using a pre-written piece of content. It makes it appear unique without putting forth any legitimate research, writing, or editing. Many article spinners don’t proofread the content or change wording on their own; they simply put the content in a spinning program and submit it as original work.

Reasons to Avoid Spun Content

First and foremost, spinning content is spamming content. It is using work someone put their time and effort into and making it appear as if they wrote it themselves. It is not only unethical, but many search engines now have advanced software that looks for spun content which can hurt your site if you choose to use this type of content. Spun content is also low quality and often very difficult to read. It pulls random words from a thesaurus, making sentences confusing and off-putting to readers. You may pay less for content that is spun but the harm it does to your search rank, business, and reputation isn’t worth it.

How to Recognize Spun Content

While you may not be able to realize it every time, there are some warning signs of writers or companies using article spinners for the content they produce. First, look at the prices offered. If they seem unusually low, it is a big red flag. A writer offering less than $5 for a 500-word article is asking for less than a cent a word. At this rate, chances are the content isn’t unique and they aren’t legitimate. Look for a biography and published work of the writer. If they fail to provide good samples of published work and have a scant portfolio or biography, it’s best to move and find another writer with more experience. Article spinners often don’t allow revisions. This is because many times they’re not writing the content, therefore they aren’t willing to make any revisions you have requested. Lastly, writers that ignore the keywords or style guide you requested, it is a sign they didn’t take the time to write it according to your specifications.

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