Connecting Backlinked Articles

Backlinking articles and back linking those articles to a main website are some of the key features of content marketing. However, some individuals may be confused as to how you can back link articles and content. If you are ordering content from, you may want to consider the full picture of what your order can do. Here are a few steps that you can use to combine purchased content from with back links to increase your viewership and marketing plan.

Purchasing the Right Content

The first step in connecting back link articles is to purchase the right content. For example, if you purchase content that is not on point with the other content, you may have issues of being unable to link the content together and back link the content to your site. The best plan of attack is to purchase the type of content that follows a theme or a generalized format. For example, purchasing six articles with the same keyword is fine if you are purchasing the content that leads into one another. In this case you would purchase the six pieces of content with the same keyword but with steps for processing mind such as the benefits of that keyword, how to obtain that keyword, etc.

Placing the Content

Placing the content and the appropriate areas is the second step in connecting back link articles. You want to find article submission sites that will allow you to utilize back links to your own website as well as two other articles written by you or for your website. Once you have found these sites you want to make sure that's the content that you are offering is accepted by the website. When these two things are assured and you can place the content on the site. Remember to place content on various sites. If you purchase six articles on a particular keyword that link together as previously discussed, then you'll want to place that content on six different sites. Do not publish the content yet. Simply place the content and put it into a status we can go back and edit it easily.

Editing and Connecting the Content

The last step in connecting backlinked articles is to edit and connect the content. In most cases when you place a content piece on an article submission sites, even if you leave it in an editable status, you will be given the website address for that content. Use these addresses to hyperlink the content in each article. For example, if you have an article on the benefits of purchasing safe baby furniture and you have another article on how to purchase a baby furniture and yet another article on where to purchase safe baby furniture you will want to link the articles so that readers can follow them in sequence. This means that by the time the reader finishes the sequence they will not only know the benefits of purchasing safe baby furniture, but they will also know how to purchase the baby furniture and where to buy the baby furniture. In addition to connecting these articles together make sure the you also offer a back link to your website in each article, so that individuals who are reading the articles can follow back to your website and you are not only building readers through your articles, but also bringing them to your website and your product or service.

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