Benefits of a Weekly Theme Blog Series

When a website chooses to have a blog as their primary form of contents there are several things to consider. Blogs must be regularly updated in order to maintain viewers and subscribed readers. The blogs must be informative and they must offer readers insight and information into particular topics. If you have a niche website such as a green living website or a baby furniture website, you may want to consider weekly theme blog series options. Here are the benefits of a weekly theme blog series.

Detailed Focus on Specific Topics

By offering readers a weekly theme blog series, you can focus on specific topical areas of interest. For example, let's assume that you have an antique website. This type of website would focus on particular antiques or may focus on a wide genre of antiques. A concept for a weekly theme blog series may be to take one week and devote it to antique silver serving pieces. By producing three blocks or up to five blogs you can focus in on specific antique silver serving pieces or in an overall concept of silver serving pieces. You can focus in on how to obtain the silver pieces, how to know if they are silver several plates or various other topics dealing with the theme. This will not only help readers already subscribed to your blog, but it will also bring in readers who have a specific interest in that theme.

Planning Ahead

One of the key benefits to having a weekly theme blog series is the ability to plan ahead. You not only can plan ahead for the week, but you can also plan ahead for an entire month of content. For example, if you own a green living blog you may find yourself hitting a brick wall when it comes to topics. However, if you utilize a weekly theme blog series you will be able to not only come up with blog topics for each week but you can plan a month or as much as three months ahead. This planning ahead allows you to focus on particular topics and green living as well as particular consumers.

Consumer Outreach and Building Your Site

Another benefit of having a weekly blog series is the ability to reach readers who may not have known about your website or found your website on their own. If you have a website that is devoted to funeral planning you may already have a reader base that is made up of mortuaries, morticians or individuals who work in funeral planning. However, if you decide to do a month-long blog series with weekly themes that cover funeral planning and funeral planning options, you will reach an entirely new set of readers. This new set of readers may be made up of individuals who are looking for funeral planning tips and techniques and you can now connect with your blog as well as the morticians and funeral homes that are already connected and active on your blog.

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