Benefits of Blog Content for Websites

Professionals and business owners may have solid ideas regarding where to take their businesses. Business plans are drawn up and set goals are defined for each stage of the start-up process. Social marketing, media and Internet marketing techniques have changed the face of business slightly. These changes affect not only business plans but methods in which a business may connect with clients and networks. In order to combat these changes, business owners may be aware of the need for content. The confusion comes in with which content method to utilize. Here are some benefits of blog content versus article content that you may want to consider.

Feed Exposure

A key benefit of blog content for websites is the ability to gain subscribers. The best way to look at this benefit is to consider the following scenario. Your business caters to families and other businesses in home school topics. With the proper marketing you can reach a few hundred people a day. However, if you have a blog with updated and regularly posted information, about three blogs per week, you will reach triple that amount. Why? Simply put, your blog and the RSS Feed will reach a home school family. That family subscribes to your feed. Your feed is now seen on that families feed and seen by everyone on their social networking. Those individuals now see your site, subscribe to your feed and comment on your blogs. You have just networked with triple your original goal simply by having an updated blog.


Social Media Connections

When you post a regular blog you can connect that blog to an RSS Feed. That feed can be connected to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. What this means is, when you post a new blog it will automatically show up in your social media feeds. You will not only reach individuals who utilize blogs and blog feed subscriptions, you will also reach individuals who network on Facebook and social media. This expands your networking and reach quickly and with little effort or cost.


Expertise and Building a Reputation

There is more to blogging than just throwing a post out there on a regular basis. The blog is a chance to show, on a personal level, that you know your subject matter. The blogs, if worded and written properly, build a businesses reputation for accurate and valuable information. If readers see your blogs as informative and helpful, then they will continue reading them and eventually subscribe to and share them. If you just toss up garbage, readers will see that and will pass the word on. Word of mouth builds a reputation, for better or worse, and a well written developed blog can make those words valuable.

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