Key Differences Between Blog and Article Content

Before business owners choose between blog content or article content, they should first know the differences between each. Though both offer their benefits and advantages, they also both offer distinct benefits depending on the type of business or site in question. In order to help you make your choice of what kind of content is best for your situation, here are the key differences between blog and article content.

Personal or Professional

If your site or business offers services on a personal life, for example a senior lifestyle site or parenting site, then blog content may be what you are looking for. Blog content tends to be more personal, using words like you or you’re. If your site is a professional site, such as a legal site or medical site, then you may want to offer article content. Article content tends to be more informational, less personal and very to the point. So, the first step would be to determine the tone your site offers to readers and move forward with the content that fits that tone.


Sales or Service

Depending on the type of business you have, you may be offering either a product or a service. Though both or sales related in many ways, they do have their distinct differences. For example, if your site is an information site for seniors or for new mothers then your tone will be slightly different than if you were selling senior real estate or baby furniture. If you are offering information services such as a site for new mothers or seniors, then you may choose to use a personal tone and blog content. If you are offering a product or service such as real estate or baby furniture, then professionally adapted article content is a better option.


Short and Sweet

Capturing the reader in the first few seconds or minutes is key for any business regardless of the type of content being used. Though both articles and blogs can capture readers, and should capture readers, quickly only one of these content styles captures readers while being short and sweet. If you are looking for something that is to the point, short and will get the message out there then go for blog content. Blogs are generally 100 to 200 words shorter than articles. They capture, inform and move on in a quick manner. It is for this reason that many readers choose blogs over articles.


Subscription and Networking

Most businesses have a goal of networking with not only readers, but also with other businesses in their field. They want to reach out and gain subscribers who will read their content, visit the site and become free word of mouth advertising. Though articles can be shared, posted and commented on through social media platforms there is a distinct advantage in using blogs for networking. Blogs have an RSS Feed that readers can subscribe to. This means that not only can they share the site or content on social media platforms, they can also share them through blogging and newsfeed networks. This makes blog content an easy way to double the efforts of business marketing.

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