How to Write Content Google Likes

Google is the number one most used search engine, so it makes sense that you want to have content Google likes. They are also known to be more strict with the page ranks they offer different websites or blogs, especially after recent changes like the Panda and Penguin algorithms. The basic summary of these changes is that sites with fresh, rich and informative content are going to rank high, while everyone else will lose their place in the search results. Here are some tips for writing content that Google will like.

Utilize Keywords

Keyword research is absolutely essential when creating Google-worthy content, but you also need to be careful about how often you use these keywords in your content. If you use them too much, it is considered keyword stuffing and will hurt you more than help you. On the other hand, if you can use research wisely and choose a variety of words and phrases that searches would enter into Google, your content will be found a lot easier. This goes along with search engine optimization (SEO) which is based on keywords included in your content, to help you rank higher and appear higher in search engine results.


Another thing to consider is how you word your headlines, as these also act as the title tag. This is a great place to enter a keyword that Google will find and help you get ranked faster. SEO relies on keywords not just in the body of your content, but in your title tags and headlines. Make sure to always include your primary keyword phrase in the headline, but make it look natural. The terms in the headline should correspond with what is found in the blog post. Writing compelling headlines will also increase the chances of having someone share your content and linking their content back to you.

The Content

And of course, you need to focus on the content itself. Now that the headline is done and you have performed your keyword research it’s time to do the actual writing. You want to have a blog post that isn’t too short, or Google won’t rank it. So try to get at least 400 words but preferably closer to 500 or more. They also don’t like extremely long content that is over 1,000 words. Format it in a way that makes it easy to read, for reader purposes. The content should always be original, informative and related to the headline you chose. Try to use your main keyword in the first paragraph, at least once in the body, and once near the end.

Tagging and More SEO

Remember that you should always be keeping SEO optimization in mind when you work on your blog post. If you are using a blogging platform that lets you enter keywords separate from the content, take advantage of that. Start with your primary keywords and others you have used throughout your content. Make sure you use different variations of the ones in the body of your blog post.