Creating Scannable Content

Even if you are one of the best writers online, you’re going to discover that a lot of people prefer to scan what they read for the basic information in order to determine if the article is worth reading or not. Even if someone is absolutely dedicated to reading what you have to say about a particular topic, they’re often going to scan it first to see what points you addressed. They want to get the general and overall understanding about what you’ve written without having to read the full article.

If there are main points in your article that you want your readers to be able to pay attention to, then make them more noticeable. Making your main points into headlines or making them bold is an ideal way to ensure that they will be able to notice them immediately. It also makes it ideal for those readers who like to have a recap of everything that you’ve covered, because they can refer to the main points in order to keep track of everything you’ve mentioned during the duration of your content.

Handling your content this way makes it much more memorable. This is mainly due to the way that the mind handles information. When people briefly scan through an article to see what it’s about and see the main points, they’re always going to remember two things. Initially, they’re going to remember that there were multiple points that you acknowledged in your content. However, if you’ve written something that they’ve really liked or something that they want to remark about later, they’re going to remember those points specifically.

Creating scannable content also has some benefit to the writer. It essentially allows you to be able to write your article on the basis of an outline. Therefore, even if you are having a very difficult time writing about a topic, if you can think about the main points, then you can think about the information that follows up to those points. It makes it incredibly easy to write content quickly and logically.

Content that is scannable and uses headlines correctly also comes up fairly well within search engines. This is especially true if you are dealing with topics like Top 5s or Top 10s. These are common terms that people search for on Google, so if you incorporate them into your scannable content, it will help you to get a lot more readers. Although it may be surprising, a lot of people aren’t even willing to read through an article if it doesn’t hold this scannable format. This is mainly due to the fact that since they can’t identify the main points immediately in the content, they don’t know whether your article is good or not or whether it will hold their concentration. As a result, if you change your format to more scannable content styles, you’ll gain far more readers.