Increasing User Engagement with Original Content

If you have a website or blog, it needs content posted on a regular basis. This is going to give readers a reason to return, something valuable to offer your mailing list, and keep you indexed properly on the major search engines. It can also increase user engagement in the following ways.

What is Considered Original Content?

Original content is an article, blog post or other form of content that is 100% unique. To have original, unique content means that it is not plagiarized and you or a content writer has completed it without copying another source. Another way to look at content that is original is by having a different angle than other content on the Internet with the same subject. Instead of looking like you recycled information, it has a fun and entertaining aspect.

Choose a Good Headline

Start with a great headline that pulls in your reader. You learned about this important method in school, and it is still true today with website content. The headline should be brief, descriptive of what the reader is going to find out about, and grab their attention. Split testing is a possibility when trying to figure out what headlines work best for certain types of content.

Provide Valuable Information

The information you’re providing after the headline should be just as valuable and relevant to your readers. Give them what they’re looking for, answer a question, humor and entertain them, or provide them with brand new information from a different angle they might not have considered until now. This is what keeps readers interested and returning to engage with you and your site, because they know they find value when they visit your site.

Make it Shareable

User engagement relies on people sharing the content they find and like with their friends and colleagues. Make your content shareable by removing all errors, adding humor or entertainment value, adding a great picture, and giving it a format that makes it easy to read. Including social media sharing icons right on the page is always helpful.

Read it Back to Yourself

You want your content to flow nicely, otherwise it isn’t going to improve user engagement and your readers won’t want to share it with their friends. Read back the content to yourself, even out loud if you need to. This will help you catch errors, improve sentence structure and have an article or blog post that flows well.

User engagement on your website or blog is important because it keeps readers on your site, giving them a reason to keep returning. It is also a great way for current users of your site to announce its benefits to others, such as on social media networks by sharing different types of content they have found. Use these tips and you will find that you do are more successful with your content.