How Often Should You List Content?

This is a very common question when deciding what content to get for your site. How often you submit content is entirely up to you. There aren’t any fool-proof rules for the frequency of your articles or blog posts, and it’s very hard to post too often or too much. Though, posting too little is going to hurt you by lowering your rank, reputation and credibility as an expert. So here are some benefits and drawbacks to posting daily, weekly, bi-weekly and less often.


Posting new website content every day is a challenge, unless all you’re doing is posting the content. But most likely, you have hours of other work to complete, so getting that new website content up every day isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. On some days, you won’t have it written up, on other days you forget altogether. This is why it helps to develop a system for posting as often as possible. If you can, try to post once day. However, there is a drawback to posting this often. If you think in months or even a year’s time, you won’t have enough to post about daily, don’t do it now. You’re going to go through your best ideas quickly, then have days, weeks or even months where you have nothing unique to share. If that is the case, decrease the frequency.


Weekly updates to your website or blog should be the minimum. You should try to pot something at least once a week. It doesn’t need to be a specific date and time either; any time of the week will do. Just make sure to get something informative and interesting for your readers to look through every week. This is going to help keep your website indexed and not get lost in obscurity.


Posting new website content twice a week is a good way to meet in the middle between daily and weekly updates. If you have a good amount of content to post but don’t want to go through everything too quickly, keep it to 2-3 updates every week. This keeps your views up without using all your best ideas in the first few months. Since you’re only posting twice a week, you can easily get them written on one day and schedule the posts with whatever website hosting or blogging platform you’re using. That way, you can spread them out a few days and not worry about the second post since it’s already done and scheduled.

Tips for Posting Regularly

If you’re struggling to post on a regular basis or need inspiration, here are some helpful tips:

  • Schedule your posts ahead of time. This way, you don’t need to stress about getting content up daily or weekly.
  • Have someone else write the content for you. Get some help from a professional writer to produce unique and informative content, so you can keep it updated regularly.
  • Look through trends and news. This is one of the best ways to update your site with new and relevant topics.