Turn Your e-Books Into New Customer Sales

The digital age is upon us. People are using eReaders, phone apps, tablets and computers to read books at an alarming rate. There are over 20 places you can have an e-book published. You no longer have to have an editor, though you should, and a publishing company to have your work available to the public. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you can take pride in completing a book and having others read what you have to say. It is also a great way to increase customer sales if you have products or services to sell over the Internet.

Write a Non-fiction E-book about Your Product or Service

You do not want your e-book to be a catalog for your products. You want to create an interesting, fact-filled book about the need for the product or to entice people to want to try it. If you are selling home-brewing kits, write an e-book about how great it is to drink your own, home-brewed beverages. You can have a book about the different ingredients; how they change the flavor or the way they can disrupt or help the whole process. It is not really a sales book, but gets people thinking about what you have to offer. At the end of the book, you can list your business website in the appendix.

Create Interest in Your Products

It may sound silly, but look at how much merchandise is sold from television, movies and yes, even books. If you are very creative, you could write a fiction novel and have some of your products play a part in the story. If you have a clothing store set up online, make sure you mention different items the characters are wearing, and have them available at your site. Again, in the appendix, make mention of being able to buy the characters’ different outlets at your website.

Write Self-help or Do-it-yourself Books

Write books that use your products in them. If you have an online hardware store, write a series of e-books telling people how to do different projects. If you are selling clothes, you can have an e-book about style and fashion or how to look great in what you wear. People want to know they are doing things right and will research it on the Internet. If you have an e-book on the subject, it can show up high on the search engines and have people buying it instead of doing more research. Though how-to guides can be featured in DIY books, they should be kept to collaboration style writing. For example, an eBook with several how-to guides can be profitable if the how-to guides are on a specific topic.

If at all possible, when creating your e-book, make it so you can easily change any formatting to fit in with as many different publishing sites and for all the different devices people will be reading your book on. You do not want to exclude a whole group of people because they are not able to open the book and read it. That is one thing a physical book has over digital, you do not need anything special to be able to read it.